In-House Manufactured Hoists

To increase the reliability of Seatrax offshore cranes, we manufacture our hoists in-house, providing increased safety and ease of maintenance.

Each hoist, certified for handling personnel, is designed specifically for use on offshore cranes and does not require periodic overhaul or changeouts.

Our hoists use a fail-safe, spring-applied, contracting-type drum brake in conjunction with hydraulic dynamic braking. This provides two independent load-holding systems that do not share a common load path.

Regardless of clients' hoist application requirements, Seatrax can customize mountings, line speed, line pull and cable capacity to match individual needs.

Our engineers comprehensively analyze each client's requirements and build purpose-designed, reliable and easy-to-maintain hoists that best suit those needs.

Seatrax hoists can also be used and built for other applications.

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Key Features

Seatrax hoists are simple in design, engineered to last, rugged and proven worldwide. For more information about our fail-safe hoist features, download our technical paper.

  • Hoists meet API Spec 2C and personnel handling requirements for all regulatory agencies
  • Band brake hoists are exempt from annual internal inspections or replacement
  • Complete line of hoist drive options
  • High hydraulic pressure/Low hydraulic pressure
  • AC variable frequency electric
  • Single-piece, heavy-duty welded steel drum and frame
  • Drum requires no seals, lubricant or mechanical components and supported by a solid, carburized steel through shaft
  • All gear reducer and drum bearings are tapered or spherical roller bearings
  • Hoists can be welded or bolt mounted
  • External band brakes, gearing and motor are serviceable with mounting and wire rope in place
  • Single-line speeds exceeding 600 feet per minute/Single-line hoisting capacities to 250,000 lbs.
  • Gearboxes may be removed without disturbing drum or wire rope
  • Wide drums reduce rope layers and provide more constant line pull
  • Easy access for inspection and service-no machinery in the drum
  • Series 160 Hoist
  • Fail-Safe Brake Band
  • Seatrax Boom Heel

Contact Details

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