Drilling Duty Hydraulic System

Many of our cranes are used to support offshore drilling and can accumulate at least 5,000 hours per year. With this intense usage, a conventional hydraulic system would need constant maintenance and replacement parts.

To ensure the maximum amount of up time with minimal maintenance, Seatrax uses high pressure piston systems. Our system offers increased speed and lifting capabilities while requiring little to no maintenance for thousands of operating hours. By using variable displacement pumps, we increase operator control and reduce noise and heat generation.

All cranes are equipped with large oil to air heat exchangers located in the machinery room to allow continuous operation even in the hottest locations.

Open loop hoist circuits combine excellent hoist control with the safety of a locking brake valve acting directly on the hoist motor. The closed loop slew circuit provides ample slew torque for floating vessels along with a smooth automatic braking function.

Seatrax has no time-based component replacement requirements. Quarterly and annual inspection procedures located in our maintenance manuals give detailed procedures on how to verify the condition of components with exact replacement criteria.

Overall, the Seatrax drilling duty hydraulic system increases crane up time and safety while reducing maintenance costs.

For more information, review our technical papers on hydraulic systems or call 713-896-6500.

  • Variable Displacement Hydraulic System

    Variable Displacement Hydraulic System

  • Valve Board

    Valve Board

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    Hoist Motor

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