Seatrax Broussard

At our Broussard location, Seatrax services other manufacturers' offshore crane makes and models. With a large selection of new and remanufactured hoists, slew gear boxes and other hydraulic components, our Broussard location can also provide parts to fit numerous cranes at any Gulf of Mexico location.

Seatrax Broussard can also quickly dispatch certified mechanics, inspectors and operators to any location in the Gulf of Mexico. While our focus is on production platform and lift boat crane service work, we also provide overhead crane inspectors.

We also offer rental equipment, such as water bags, dynamometers, alternate lifting devices, temporary boom rests, wire rope spooler/tensioners, diesel HPUs and more.

What We Do

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Contact Details

Telephone: 1-337-706-7900                              

1610 St. Etienne Rd.
Broussard, LA 70518